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WILLIAM ZAHNG China International Fashion Week 2021 — Autumn and Winter New Collection Release


Designer William Zhang, the same name of the brand, releases the new autumn and winter 2021 collection 'THE CROWN' at China International Fashion Week, in Beijing art landmark 751D·PARK at 8:00 pm on March 26, 2021. William Zhang uses costume designing to praise modern women's excellence in spirit of the age and the diverse charm of Chinese women's toughness.

Several domestic artists are invited to participate in this fashion show of new collection which symbolizes the coronation for the charm of modern Chinese women’s toughness. Yan Danchen, a well-known actress and William Zhang’s best friend, is a special guest in this show. She will dress in the new collection and appear in the finale of the season's blockbuster. Yan Danchen’s elegant and intellectual personal temperament and her strong and diverse female beauty created in TV series coincide with William Zhang’s theme of this season -"THE CROWN" - the coronation of the excellence and beauty of modern women, interpreting the self-confidence, maturity, perseverance and courage of modern Chinese women.

The other artists invited are Ling Zi, the New artist, who is famous for co-starring with Zhang Jiayi and Yan Ni in the urban emotional drama "Zhuangtai"; Chen Xinyu, who is famous for acting in " Silent Separation ", "Delicious Romance" and " Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre " ; Cao Lu, who is the Chinese member deputy leader in FIESTAR Korean girl group; other artists including Zhu Jintong, Zhang Xinyun, Hou Xiaotong, Li Yunhe, Sun Shuaidong and fashionistas including Chengcheng, Sun Ruan Meixue , Daoer becky, Ding Wei Ding, etc... All the well-known artists will attend the show and bring a star-studded color to this show.

The theme of this season "THE CROWN" is inspired by the oil painting "The Coronation of Victoria". The founder and design director of the brand, Zhang Hongwei, William Zhang, describes the spirit in form, embroidering the two-dimensional space, combining the aesthetics of GOTHIC ART, adding the freshness and elegance of Jiangnan’s embroidery craftsmanship and embossing technique of Cantonese embroidery. The design director Zhang Hongwei, William Zhang, aims to integrate the artistic elements in the painting into the production technology and cultural philosophy of the oriental elements, and integrate the flexibility of the Chinese fashion attitude and confidence under the international and modern aesthetics. William Zhang adheres to the original intention of design and endows Chinese women a fashionable, modern, and dazzling temperament.

The founder and designer of the brand, William Zhang, expresses in an interview after the show that "Chinese designers should use clothing design to give Chinese modern women the beauty and diversified charm, absorb the craftsmanship of Chinese millennium cultural intangible heritage, integrate treasures of the Western three-dimensional style for tailoring silhouettes, inject new aesthetic cultural connotations, and give more modern Chinese women fashion confidence and diverse charms of dress.

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